Technical Report -
 Bernhard Rumpe
The Amsterdam Manifesto on OCL

Author(s): Steve Cook, Anneke Kleppe, Richard Mitchell, Bernhard Rumpe, Jos Warmer, and Alan Wills
Year: 1999
Number: TUM-I9925
Abstract:In November 1998 the authors participated in a two-day workshop on the Object Constraint Language (OCL) in Amsterdam. The focus was to clarify issues about the semantics and the use of OCL, and to discuss useful and necessary extensions of OCL. Various topics have been raised and clarified. This manifesto contains the results of that workshop and the following work on these topics. Some of the results are already incorporated in the new OCL specification 1.4 [OCL1.4]. Some others will be incorporated in the next version and some of the proposed extensions are elaborated further and published appropriately.

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Bernhard Rumpe