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 Bernhard Rumpe
Hierarchical XP

Extreme Programming Examined

Author(s): Carsten Jacobi, Bernhard Rumpe
Year: 2001
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Editor: G. Succi, M. Marchesi
Abstract:XP is a light-weight methodology suited particularly for small-sized teams that develop software which has only vague or rapidly changing requirements. The discipline of systems engineering knows it as approach of incremental system change or also of "muddling through". In this paper, we introduce three well known methods of reorganizing companies, namely, the holistic approach, the incremental approach, and the hierarchical approach. We show similarities between software engineering methods and company reorganization processes. In particular, we discuss the extreme programming (XP) approach how the elements of the hierarchical approach can improve XP, providing hints on how to scale up XP to larger projects.

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Bernhard Rumpe