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 Bernhard Rumpe
UML Semantics FAQ

Object-Oriented Technology, ECOOP'99 Workshop Reader

Author(s): S. Kent, A. Evans, B. Rumpe
Year: 1999
Publisher: LNCS 1743, Springer Verlag
Editor: A. Moreira, S. Demeyer
Abstract:This paper reports the result of a workshop helt a ECOOP'99. The workshop was set up to find answers to questions fundamental to the definition for the UML. Questions examined the meaning of the term semantics in the context of UML; approaches to defining the semantics, including the feasibility of the meta-modeling approach; whether a single semantics is desirable, and, if not, how to set up a framework for defining multiple, interlinked semantics; and some of the outstanding problems for defining a semantics for all of UML.

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Bernhard Rumpe