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 Bernhard Rumpe
UML + ROOM as a Standard ADL?

Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, ICECCS'99 Proceedings

Author(s): B. Rumpe, M. Schoenmakers, A. Radermacher, A. Schürr
Year: 1999
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Editor: F. Titsworth
Abstract:Designing a software system's architecture properly is one of the most important tasks of any software engineering project. Nevertheless there exists no common definition of the term ``software architecture'' and no standard software architecture description language (ADL). This paper discusses whether the standard OO modeling language UML is a standard ADL, explains some deficiencies if used for this purpose, and makes a proposal of how to eliminate these deficiencies. The proposal is based on the widely accepted idea that elements of the component-based OO modeling language ROOM should be integrated with UML. It explains why the idea of merging static structure diagrams of ROOM with behavior describing collaboration diagrams of UML is not sufficient and presents an additional approach for the integration problem.

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Bernhard Rumpe