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 Bernhard Rumpe
Refining Business Processes

Second ECOOP Workshop on Precise Behavioral Semantics (with an Emphasis on OO Business Specifications)

Author(s): Bernhard Rumpe, Veronika Thurner
Year: 1998
Publisher: Technical University Munich, TUM-I9820
Editor: Haim Kilov, Bernhard Rumpe, Ian Simmonds
Abstract:In this paper, we present a calculus for refinement of business process models, based on a precise definition of business processes and process nets. Business process models are a vital concept for communicating with experts of the application domain. Depending on the roles and responsibilities of the application domain experts involved, process models are discussed on different levels of abstraction. These may range from detailed regulations for process execution to the interrelation of basic core processes on a strategic level. To ensure consistency and to allow for a flexible integration of process information on different levels of abstraction, we introduce refinement rules that allow the incremental addition to and refinement of the information in a process model, while maintaining the validity of more abstract high level processes. In particular, we allow the decomposition of single processes and logical data channels, as well as the extension of the interface and channel structure to information that is newly gained or increased in relevance during the modeling process.

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Bernhard Rumpe