Technical Report -
 Bernhard Rumpe
Hybrid System Model

Author(s): Thomas Stauner, Bernhard Rumpe, Peter Scholz
Year: 1999
Number: TUM-I9903
Abstract: In this paper we provide a mathematical chracterization of sytems, that contain analog components, as well as strongly time depended control components and rather time independent information processing components. The presented system model is based on the notion of streams and stream processing functions. It is used to formalize and integrate the semantics of different description techniques that occur in disciplines like computer science, economics, electrical and electronical engineering, and mecanical engineering.

In the paper we develop a hierarchy of models. We start with a core model that allows us to describe both discrete and continuous, that is, hybrid behavior. Abstractions and refinements of this core model allow to connect to given models for discrete timed and untimed systems. The system model presented here is intended to be the base layer for other system models.

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Bernhard Rumpe