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 Bernhard Rumpe
Refinement of Information Flow Architectures

ICFEM'97 Proceedings, Hiroshima. Japan.

Author(s): Jan Philipps, Bernhard Rumpe
Year: 1997
Publisher: IEEE CS Press
Editor: M. Hinchey
Abstract:A calculus is presented for the stepwise refinement of abstract information flow architectures. We give a mathematical model for information flow components based on relations between input and output communication histories, and describe system architectures using two views\: the glass box view is a network of basic components, while the black box view regards the network itself as a component. The calculus consists of basic rules to add or remove components and channels, and to replace components by subnetworks and vice versa. The correctness of the rules is justified by the refinement relation on the black box view of architectures.

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Bernhard Rumpe