Conference -
 Bernhard Rumpe
A new Concept of Refinement used for Behaviour Modelling with Automata

FME'94, Formal Methods Europe, Symposium '94

Author(s): Barbara Paech, Bernhard Rumpe
Year: 1994
Publisher: Springer
Abstract:This paper introduces a new approach of using automata to model behaviour of objects. Automata allow to design a software model on the abstract level of states and transitions. We make precise the meaning of states and transitions in the context of objects and types. This formal semantics serves as a link between informal and formal software development methods. Second, we give a formal, but nevertheless intuitive definition of automata specialization which not only provides a way for reuse of type definitions in subtypes, but also shows how to incrementally design types through refinement. Third we define the notion of a role an object takes when viewed from the environment. Then we can give a formal, but short proof that our definitions satisfy the subtype requirement, that means that an object of the subtype plays the roles of its supertypes.

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Bernhard Rumpe